Bali Meeting Ends; Mexico Emerges as a Leader on Climate Change

Europe is known as a champion of combating climate change. But a developing country famous for its capital’s polluted air is also a surprising front-runner: Mexico.

“I don’t think any developing country has spelled out as comprehensive a strategy as Mexico,” said Pankaj Bhatia, director of the Greenhouse-Gas Protocol Initiative of the World Resources Institute, a sustainability think tank. “I think it’s a great example for developing countries like China, Brazil and India.”

Cambio Climatico Index

Recent years, however, have seen a marked change in government policy. The government adopted a comprehensive climate-change mitigation strategy in May, and the new mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, has received international acclaim for his $550 million plan to reduce the capital’s emissions. Mexican companies were also the first in the developing world to begin voluntarily inventorying their greenhouse-gas emissions along World Resources Institute guidelines.

Germanwatch attributed Mexico’s jump from No. 16 in last year’s rankings up to No. 4 this year to “constructive international and national climate policy and its relatively favorable emissions trends.”

Ned Helme, president of the Center for Clean Air Policy, said Mexico’s aggressive direction on climate change stems from the country’s new president, Felipe Calderon, who was sworn in last December.

“Calderon had come out of the ministry of energy and is really committed to moving on climate change,” Helme said.

According to the World Resources Institute, Mexico produced 415.3 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2004. Helme’s think tank believes Mexico’s new policies, which include increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as planting forests, will reduce the country’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 110 million tons by the year 2020. The United States, starting with 10 times the emissions that Mexico creates, would only reduce emissions 180 million tons based on current policy.

“The Mexican government has been very courageous,” Bhatia said. “Their success is inspiring similar programs in other countries.”

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Una Pregunta Final:

¿Como es posible que estemos avanznado tanto en ese INDEX, cuando en el país todavia no hay una ley aprobada para la regulacion de Bioenergeticos, ni Biocombustibles? 

El discuros es interesante, pero hay que exigir que el gobierno traduzca en leyes, Obras y estimulos  financieros para el sector de los bioenergeticos en General.


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