Emerging Opportunities on Uncharted Grounds

Some Central American countries seem to have the political will and the resources to develop a biodiesel industry. Biodiesel Magazine takes a closer look at one of the more promising countries, Costa Rica, and a couple of business developments that are poised to capitalize on the country’s resources.
Leader of the Pack
Of all the Central American countries, Costa Rica seems to be the most politically amenable to the establishment of a biodiesel industry. The country has had no standing army since 1949, it is a democratic republic (considered more democratic than the United States), more than 90 percent of its transportation fuel is diesel based and it’s capable of producing oil feedstocks such as jatropha and palm. Most importantly, Costa Rica intends to be carbon neutral by 2021 and to displace 25 percent of the oil it imports with renewable sources by 2010.

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