Mini Refineria de Biodiesel y Etanhol

Planta De Baja escala construida para producir Biodiel y Etanhol por fermentacion en las misma unidad.

refineria pequeñla para biodiesel y etanhol

refineria pequeña para biodiesel y etanhol en la misma unidad, aprovechando desechos de vegetales y de desperdicios de frutas.

A Texas-based company has announced the “world’s first mini-refinery” for consumer use that can produce both ethanol and biodiesel from the same small machine at the same time. It’s capable of generating up to 120 gallons per day of ethanol and 450 gallons per day of biodiesel.

Consisting of two pieces of equipment — an ethanol boiler and the mini-refinery — the whole system can fit into an area of less than 30 square feet with 8 feet of clearance and is completely automated.

Introducing the world’s first “mini-refinery” consumer use.

The AFS125 represents state-of-the-art technology for fully automated production of Ethanol and Biodiesel in one compact system.

The AFS125 is also the first computer-controlled Ethanol production system available for businesses, municipalities, farm, and even end-consumer markets.

Computer-controlled with a 15” touch screen LCD monitor, all valves, pumps, and sub-systems are controlled by the software program, or the touch of a finger on the screen. Users can choose to produce Ethanol, Biodiesel, or both from this highly integrated system. With a user-friendly computer interface, affordable price, and a footprint of only 24 square feet, the AFS125 easily fits the bill in almost any environment. Whether you are a home user, a farm or ranch operation, corporate fleet, or government or municipality, the AFS125 is the right choice for you.

The AFS125 has a 275, 60, 30, and 15-gallon tanks built in, and also comes with controls and ports for easy expansion to almost unlimited size. The computer includes built-in networking for both Ethernet and wireless 802.11. The system can be remotely controlled through the network, and multiple systems can be easily connected together to scale daily output capacity.

Because the system produces its own high-grade Ethanol, users who wish to make Biodiesel no longer need to source and handle dangerous, expensive methanol. This system produces the same high-grade Biodiesel as the competition, without methanol. This not only represents a significant cost savings, but also is orders of magnitude safer.

Compare the capabilities, features, and price to any other system. Once you do, you will see how much further advanced the AFS125 is beyond all the other biofuel systems, and what a value it represents compared to their price.

Key Features:

* World’s first Ethanol and Biodiesel combination system available to end consumers
* Produce Biodiesel WITHOUT methanol
* Fully automatic computer-controlled system with touch screen operation
* No Assembly Required. Arrives ready to operate
* 100% Stainless Steel pipe, fittings, and valves
* All valves are electrically operated
* Heavy-duty Industrial-grade steel frame with casters
* Utilizes the EB120 Advanced Ethanol Boiler from Allard Research
* Integrated fire suppression system
* Easily expandable with user-provided external tanks
* Automated Molecular Sieve to remove water from Ethanol
* Automated Purolite Dry-Wash for Biodiesel (eliminates water washing)
* In-line fuel and oil filters
* Dual ethanol and biodiesel filler hoses and nozzles
* Comprehensive Instructions and Starter Kit
* Free Customer Support
* Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty


* Electrical Requirements: 240V Single-Phase AC, 60A
* Dimensions: 45″w x 76″l x 92″h
* Weight: 850lbs
* Computer: Custom software to control entire system
* Touchscreen Monitor: 15″ LCD UXGA


* Ethanol: Up to 120 Gallons per day
* Biodiesel: Up to 450 Gallons per day
* Both are easily expandable to significantly increase daily output capacities


The AFS125 system can be customized to customer specifications. Final assembly for each customer order is initiated after payment. Shipping usually occurs within two weeks of order. A customer support representative will contact you upon receipt of the order to discuss exact shipping dates, methods, and other pertinent information to get you started.

Shipping cost is included in the sale price to any destination within the contiguous 48 US States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the United States will incur additional costs.


Customers who purchase and use the AFS125 system within the United States must obtain an Federal Alcohol Fuel Producer Permit. This permit is available in one of three (3) classifications; “small”, “medium”, and “large” fuel producer. The “small” permit classification allows the permit holder to produce up to 10,000 gallons of ethanol per calendar year. This permit is easy to obtain, using a very simple form, and there is no cost or fees associated with the permit. The application form for the Federal permits can be obtained here. Visit the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau website for detailed information.

Purchasers of the AFS125 system from Allard Research and Development, LLC., agree that Allard Research and Development, LLC., its owners, officers, subsidiaries, and partners shall not be held liable for any unlicensed operation of the equipment, and shall be held harmless from any actions arising from its use.


2 comments so far

  1. andyde on

    Very cool…..I have seen several of these try to take off in the past but not as nice and sophisticated as your system.

    Good luck!
    Beyond Tanks

  2. andyde on

    Very cool…..I have seen several of these try to take off in the past but not as nice and sophisticated as your system.

    Good luck!
    The Beyond Tanks

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