Gasificación de Biomasa


Gasificador de Biomasa para Veracruz. La Gasificación es una tecnica para aprovechar la biomasa de una manera mas

eficiente que la combustion y pudiendo aprovechar los residuos para sintetizar otros materiales, utiles para la industria.

Se buscaria que la gasificación se diera para todos los municipios en zonas rurales.


Wood and biomass pellet fuel, has competitive and stable pricing, is clean
burning and produces little pollution. The moisture content can be easily
controlled during the production process. The raw material sources are very
wide, such as wood waste (residual sawdust, wood shavings, wood peelings,
etc.), yard debris (grass, leaves, tree sticks, forsythia, wisteria, woody bushes,
etc.), farm waste (corn cobs, corn stalks, straw from plants, etc.) and other
residues biomass waste. We can recycle energy from the above materials.



Environmentally Friendly:
Carbon-neutral is the green image and advantage of wood and
biomass pellet fuel. Burned pellet fuel only liberates CO2 which is
stored during the lifetime of plant, and is harmless to the
environment. Burned fossil fuels will free extra CO2 into
atmosphere which have been stored for over a million years, accelerating
global warming.


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