Gasificador G3 California

This video is a short clip to show the work I’ve been doing on the G3-I that I designed. It uses Gasification of biomass, in this case pellets, to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide for the purpose of running internal combustion engines. This unit is still under development. I’m sharing this with you so that you can build one for yourself and maybe even make improvements to it. I will be posting more videos as improvements are made. In this video I’m using wood pellets in the G3-I, but will be scaling it up to use wood chips and wood chunks. I welcome your comments. Cheers!
I now have the plans posted here:


This is a short video of our first prototype gasifier in action. The output of the unit was far greater than we had expected or intended, and you can see that the excess gas is being burned off. The gas that is being run through the compressor and condenser is what is seen burning in the gas difuser aka: a piece of pipe.

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